Each situation is different and your needs for assistance may change over time. There are several ways that I can assist you in your family matters:

Initial Consultation - Identify the issues of importance in your situation; Educate you about the law as it relates to your circumstances; Understand your next steps; Strategize.

Independent Legal Advice - Clarify what your lawyer is recommending; understand a process or Agreement that has been recommended.

Family Law Representation - One-on-one advice regarding your interests, rights and obligations. Working with you on an ongoing basis either: ‘behind the scenes’ (to assist you while you discuss resolutions with your spouse), or ‘up front’ (I will undertake the negotiations with your spouse and/or their counsel). Drafting appropriate Agreements and Parenting Plans to codify your resolutions.

Mediation - working with you and your spouse to focus on practical and reasonable resolutions (financial distribution, parenting plans, asset division, support payments). Capturing the resolutions achieved in an appropriate Agreement.