As a wife and mother of three children I fully understand the dynamics of family life and bring this experience to my work. I chose to change the course of my traditional legal career and focus on helping families within my community by offering the types of services I know will make a difference. I enjoy working with people and I am confident that I can provide the knowledge and guidance you need to successfully resolve your family law circumstances.

I am committed to the process of negotiated resolution in family matters. I believe that where court can be avoided there is greater preservation of future relationships, ability to communicate and family funds.

I am a strong proponent of Mediation, because I believe it provides useful and honest outcomes.

My background and training as a traditional family law lawyer and former litigator is a benefit to you:

  • allows me to be an honest “check and balance” as to what a court might order;
  • allows me to comment on the applicable law that relates to your circumstances* (although as a mediator working with both parties I cannot provide advice on the law or the strength of any one person’s “position”);
  • allows me to draft comprehensive Legal Agreements incorporating the decisions reached through either negotiations or mediation. The Agreement can be the basis for terms of a Divorce Order.

My style of Mediation is best described as “facilitative interventionist”. I believe in the parties constructing solutions that suit their family, but I am active in guiding practical, realistic plans that align with the requirements of the law.

My own personal background as a parent and spouse allows me to provide real life perspective and practical experience to the mediation and advocacy processes.

I am committed to a different legal approach: One that humanizes the realities of the law, respects all family members, understands the family is changed but not broken, and one that strives for the family to be the winner